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ScalpingEmini - Trend Hunter is a proprietary system developed by Trade2Live that successfully scalps the E-Mini SP using 1 minute bars. The signals are completely automated, fully customizable, and exceptionally successful, the system produces many signals throughout the day, producing small losses and large gains - it tries to catch the long term trend of the day. The software can be customized in an infinite amount of ways to truly fit your exact trading style.

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Those that trade the ES, NQ, or the TF must make sure that they're trading with the smart money by utilizing HFTL. The HFTL indicator are price areas that will appear on your chart at exactly 10:25 AM (EST) every trading day. The price levels are major turning points for stock index futures, if you're trading these contracts we strongly advise you to have these price levels.

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The ReversionTE indicator finds tops and bottoms in intraday trading. Unlike most indicators the ReversionTE is predictive in nature because it's never late, and does not give you false signals unlike oscillators. It is built with multiple compound indicators and filters. This is unlike any indicator you have seen before, we have spent years perfecting it and using it.

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Oil Scalper is currently closed to new members.

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Scalping Emini is currently closed to new members.

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Broker Traded is currently closed to new members.

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FOMO Market Continues

In a previous article, the current environment was described as a FOMO (Fear of missing out) market. This attitude is reflected in the price action since the bottom on February 11. [caption id="attachment_3164" align="aligncenter" width="700"][...]

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Rotation into Large Cap Tech

As the market digests the FOMC decision, stocks are moving higher. The Federal Reserve decided to hold off on hiking interest rates despite being near unemployment targets and amidst signs of inflation increasing. The primary factor behind this decision was concerns about global stability. The stock market and commodities reacted positively to the... [...]

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What our members are saying

“The technology and support is for beyond my expectations. Scalping the e-mini has always been a difficult area to master and with your system trading for a living can be accomplished finally, which is a dream come true... One more thing about the support I never experience support like this, just phenomenal. I practice good customer in my full time profession as a Network Administrator and I have to ability to call anyone from Trade2Live who is more than willing to help achieve my goals of mastering the system to become a professional trader.”

“I'm loving the Trend Hunter in just little over a week. Simply an outstanding product, bar none! The algo performs well during most of the stronger intraday trends but tends to give some equity back when the market enters a sideways chop. I plan on continuing to use both the Scalping Emini and TrendHunter on my Tradestation.”

“I have been very impressed with your passion to help clients as I experienced from ES strategies and Oil strategies. Very glad to be associated with you. Thanks!”